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Sign the Petition

We call on Danaher to drop the price of their GeneXpert medical tests supplied to low- and middle-income countries to US$5 each for all diseases so that millions more people around the world can be properly diagnosed and receive the treatment they need to stay alive and healthy.

Sign the petition

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Use our hashtags, #PeopleOverProfits and #TimeFor5.

Tag @DanaherCorp and @CepheidNews on Twitter, @DanaherCorporation on Instagram and Threads, and comment on their Facebook and LinkedIn posts.

Social media templates

email iconEmail Danaher's Leadership


Email templates

phone iconCall Danaher's Corporate Office

US Phone Number: +1-202-828-0850

Templates and tips International numbers

several envelopes iconWrite a letter to Danaher’s Board

c/o Corporate Secretary
Danaher Corporation
2200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Suite 800W
Washington, D.C. 20037-1701

Guide and templates Mailing request

Fax IconFax Danaher

Tell Danaher and Cepheid to put #PeopleOverProfits, and fax some facts! Fax important TB facts to their office at +1 408-541-4192. Check out the Faxing Guide for resources to help with sending and writing your fax!

megaphone iconSpread the Word About TB

Educate and inform others on the worldwide impact of tuberculosis - the world's deadliest infectious disease, but one many people assume is a thing of the past. Learn more on our resource page below.

Resource page

gavel iconSupport Legislative and Government Action

U.S. residents: Ask your representative to support The End Tuberculosis Now Act 2023.

U.K. residents: Send a letter to your MP to ask they ensure the UK-India Free Trade Agreement still allows for the manufacture of generic drugs in India, including TB drugs. Learn more about the FTA and view a letter template

Graphics and Templates

Some ready-made posts:

Dave Green


Join us in telling @DanaherCorp to do the right thing! Sign the petition and tell @CepheidNews it’s #TimeFor5 dollar tests for ALL diseases! https://timefor5.msfaccess.org/

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Dave Green


@CepheidNews & @DanaherCorp – The lower price for your standard TB tests will make a huge difference, thank you. But you can do more! Cheaper tests for XDR-TB, HIV, Ebola, COVID, and so many other diseases could save millions of lives! #PeopleOverProfits

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Dave Green


Lowering the price of the standard TB test alone is not enough, @DanaherCorp & @CepheidNews! Nerdfighteria is still waiting for you to put #PeopleOverProfits and lower tests for XDR-TB and many other dangerous diseases. It’s #TimeFor5!

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And some of our most popular social media graphics:

Molecular testing is essential for infants with HIV, but Danaher grossly overprices their diagnostics for the people who can least afford it. Danaher, it’s time for 5. TBFIGHTERS.ORG. Danaher, it’s time for $5. Tuberculosis is curable, yet 1.3 million people die of TB every year while Danaher grossly overcharges for diagnostic tests for the people who can least afford it. The footer is: TBFIGHTERS.ORG. An hourglass with red sand and “TB” in the top section. 10 stick figures are placed horizontally at the left side on a white background. The first 7 are black and the last three are red. Written next to the black ones, also in black: There are 10 million cases of tuberculosis every single year. In red, next to the last three: 3 million of them are never diagnosed. Footer: Danaher, it’s time for $5. Learn more at tbfighters.org Danaher, it’s time for 5. TBFIGHTERS.ORG. Intro to Time for $5. Why $5? Xpert cartridges are estimated to cost as little as $3 to produce. Danaher sells their tests at prices ranging from $8-20 per cartridge. A price of $5 would allow lifesaving tests to reach more people with Danaher still able to make a fair profit. Time for $5. Sign the petition to help stop profiteering on medical tests! https://timefor5.msfaccess.org/ Danaher, it’s time for 5 #PeopleOverProfits A red megaphone and a piece of paper. Text: Urgent. Sign the petition to help lower prices. Take Action: Sign the petition at tbfighter.link/petition to tell Danaher that medical tests shouldn’t be a luxury. Visit tbfighters.org to learn how you can fight against health injustice.

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