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TBFighters.org Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of very high concern to us. tbfighters.org does not use mechanisms or technologies to gather personalised data about its users. No cookies are created, set, or read by the website, and no personal visitor data is gathered at any point.

However, we make use of the Cloudflare's privacy-first web analytics service to gather information about the reach and accessibility of our website. There is no usage of any client-side state, such as cookies or local storage, and no "fingerprinting" of individuals is performed using IP address, user agent string, or any other data for the purpose of displaying analytics. No data is shared or sold to third parties, and is only stored in non-individualised form for the purpose of improving the website.

Fonts (so called "Webfonts"), image and video data are loaded in from the Google Fonts service. This service, provided by Google LLC, receives the following data from you:

  • Your IP address used to make the request
  • The requested font URL
  • The "User-Agent" header sent by your browser

This data is used for the sole purpose of providing the requested font to your browser.
The data is not used for any other purposes, and is not shared with third parties.
The data is not permanently stored by Google LLC.
The data is not used to create profiles or for targeted advertising.

The only data that may be collected is the data required for the establishment of a connection between the target server and user end device, as specified by the HTTP/HTTPS web standards, with target servers being controlled and operated by Cloudflare, Inc. The loaded content may be downloaded from a "content delivery network" (CDN for short) which may be located in various locations depending on the user's request origin. The collection and storage of required data and information is handled by Cloudflare in accordance with their Privacy Policy, not the operators of tbfighters.org. Such data may include : The user's dynamic or static IPV4 or IPV6 address, https encryption keys and other data specified by the HTTP/HTTPS web standards. This data is not sold to third parties and only used for purposes of legitimate interest that are fundamentally required for the website and content delivery system to function. This data is not evaluated for commercial purposes, and/or permanently stored by the operators of tbfighters.org. The specifics of the data exposed fall under the privacy policy of Cloudflare.

For further inquiries and questions, please contact the data privacy officer at legal at tbfighters dot org.

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