TBFighters Guidelines for Activism

We lead by following, and we act with compassion!

Standards for Community Conduct:

Threats, intimidation, degradation, and humiliation are never acceptable within Nerdfighteria. We firmly reject harassment, bigotry, ableism, racism, name-calling, hate speech, abusive language, or the disclosure of other people’s private information without their consent. Within our community, we wholeheartedly promote a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

Standards Respectful Outreach and Engagement:

When engaging with the public or contacting organizations, keep in mind that the individuals responding to our calls, emails, and tweets may not hold decision-making authority. Maintain politeness and respect in all interactions, regardless of any challenges you encounter. Remember, we are all complex humans here.

Using Privilege Responsibly:

Utilize your power and privilege for positive impact, contributing to the reduction of global suffering. Always keep in mind that our aim is to prioritize and uplift the most marginalized individuals and communities. Work alongside them as allies, recognizing they often require support and visibility rather than a savior.

Collective Action and Unity:

To achieve our goals effectively, remember that collective action relies on unity—avoid acting independently. If you're uncertain about the appropriateness of your actions or tone in relation to our community's efforts, reach out to fellow activists for guidance and clarity.

Collaborative Partnerships:

Proactively cultivate robust collaborative partnerships. Recognize and appreciate our allies, whether they have long been dedicated to the cause or are newcomers eager to contribute their energy to our shared success.

Knowledge Empowers Action:

Invest time in gaining a deep understanding of the causes we champion, and actively seek out existing research documents and resources compiled by others. Knowledge empowers effective action.

Unified Direction and Leadership:

Stay focused and follow the guidance of those already engaged in the work, as well as any direction provided by John and/or Hank as they signal our collective focus and intent.

Inclusivity and Self-Care:

Nerdfighteria is an unequivocally inclusive community that wholeheartedly embraces diversity, ensuring every individual is treated with respect and kindness. Please prioritize your self-care and utilize open communication about your specific needs and concerns as you see fit.

Don't Forget To Be Awesome

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